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Branding is more important than ever. Find out below why strategic branding is a key part of correctly marketing your business in todays rapidly changing business environment.


Branding has changed

Effective brand communication strategies are now multi level, co-created and non-stop.

These days, largely due to the way people now communicate online, effective brand communication strategies need to be less about central control and more about co-creation. What does this even mean? It means that social media has given the people the ability to destroy a carefully crafted brand message very quickly, particularly if your campaign is based on half truths. By the same token sharing your brand message or creating brand advocates means your brand can go stratospheric in half the time it used to. Effectively it means your’e co-creating your brand with the users of the brand, letting them get excited about your brand and spreading the message. So um, how do I do that? I sell rugs.


“A brand built from the inside out using the energy and passion of the community of people who care about it most, bothinside and around the organisation”

The Ad-Free Brand – Chris Grams


It doesn’t matter what you sell

Unless you are price only, today people relate to your culture and values as much as your offer. Then they tell their friends.

At Touch we’ve found the most success marketing and increasing sales for a client when they create more personality around their brand, this can be things like enhancing honesty and transparency for a finance company or creating a committment to care for a food provider.
Today people talk about brands amongst themselves and the choice to use a brand or not often happens a long time before they see or interact with any official brand communication.
Customers evaluate brands and sharethaose findings with each other. The more the personality, culture and values resonate with them the more likely they are to use that brand.


People can easily tell the difference between a stunt and authentic commitment. Create immersive worlds rather than just advertisements that support your brand values at every step. This is “storytelling”.

Storyscaping – Legorburu & McColl


You don’t have to change your offer

You just have to change how you communicate that offer.
See how Wok Express went from zero to hero with a new brand, some storytelling and a public commitment to their values.


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