— September 9 2019 —

5 must-do tips for marketing your wellness business online

The old adage that health is wealth is more true today than ever. Particularly in the tourism sector, the number of travelers heading to foreign lands for a healthy experience is facing explosive growth. According to the Global Wellness Institute, global travelers made 830 million wellness trips in 2017. It has grown by 22% in […]

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— March 26 2019 —

Digital marketing trends in 2019 – 5 things to look out for

Now’s a good time to tweak your channels and your approach to some of them. Remember your content is just as important (if not more so) than the channel its delivered on, and there’s always new ways to get your brand seen and heard.

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— August 15 2017 —

Digital Marketing Basics

Internet or Digital Marketing has come a long way in the decade or so its been popular. Even so there are some basic principles that are misunderstood by businesses as they seek to use social media platforms and Search Engines to promote their business. Search Engines Search Engines, predominantly Google but also Bing, Yahoo and […]

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— January 23 2017 —

Insider tips could be your biggest draw card in 2016 and beyond

“Guide your customers to an end result with a great product or service that provides value to his/her life or business” Craig Connelly Passing on guarded secrets and insider tips from your business could well be the profit enhancing magic bullet required in 2016 to out do your competition. Not only can this technique increase […]

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— September 23 2016 —

We’re Hiring!

Opportunity for a Graduate or Recent Graduate Role: Digital Marketing Account Executive Great opportunity for someone looking to get their first work experience in a full service boutique digital agency. We offer a unique and flexible work environment that requires an independent individual who values their autonomy and loves to use their initiative. Get started […]

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— October 4 2015 —

Major Trend in NZ Business: Better Customer Relationships through Data

The tidal wave of data and the opportunities that wash up with it has finally hit NZ shores. We have some really excited clients saying: “We can now make informed business decisions based on facts rather than guess work and opinions”. Better Customer Relationships through Data The biggest benefit our client’s are seeing in this […]

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— July 4 2015 —

Data Collection, Tracking & Analysis: Measure & Grow Success

Using data and data analysis to inform your business decisions has become universally recognised as best practice. This post will help you understand how to plan your own data tracking and analysis process. This process well planned and implemented will increase your return on investment. 4 Step Guide to Data Tracking/Measurement Establish Digital Business Objectives […]

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— May 16 2015 —

Understanding the Customer Journey” – more than a hollow buzz phrase

The purchase decision process Knowing as much as possible about your customers’ reasons for purchasing has long been a priority for businesses. Obviously giving people what they want or (even better) what they need has been central to successful business since forever. This graphic illustrates the widely agreed upon stages of any purchasing decision: These […]

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